Bare & Kind

Bare & Kind is not a musical duo, it’s not a DJ duo, it’s always been far more for us than that. It’s simply two dreamers who got caught up in the same dream, and soon realised that the potential of creation is limitless. Two adjectives that we believe describe the approach humans should have when having any sort of inter organismic relation, bare and kind; bare, or naked, or honest, child like and kind, because we are all fighting our own interior battles, the least we can do is be kind to one another.

Our goal is simply to experiment with the medium of sound and interdisciplinary art forms in order to re fragment this reality we are trapped in and to understand and exponentially grow through metaphysical energy. Day after day, every second, is a battle but also an eternal joy, that of discovery, that of romanticism, that of expression. Like children we like to fantasise with our medium and to not be afraid to show our inner contrast of fear and comfort, pain and joy, black and white and all the other colours and  shades of this infinite reality.

We truly believe in the power of collaboration and of human emotion which always leads to interesting results in improvisational settings.  Jokes apart Mohit, is the big Indian bear, and Alex is the Kind Italian. From psychedelic rock, house, techno, hip hop, Indian classical to Musique concrete, folk music and world music. We take influence from all the little particles available in this collective consciousness and try our best to create interesting sonic journeys and landscapes. We don’t even know what it is that we are looking for, but we are glad to be part of all this beauty.

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