Christian Dittmann

Christian Dittmann is a graphic designer born in Santiago, Chile, where he started his contact with music from an early age, getting a huge collection of tapes recorded from the radio. Later he moved to the south where he learnt to play guitar and developed a strong link with the wonderful landscapes and wild sounds from the woods and rivers.

Those sounds and the strings of his guitar started a mix in his mind that exploded into creative directions when he met music making softwares. Then he went to mutek festival on his first version in Chile, on 2003, experience that showed him the way from then on. His music has the influence of nature, with aquatic textures and floating landscapes, and certainly he likes the deepness of the wilderness, which mirrors in every song he makes. Instruments and recorded samples are used as textures and the beat patterns are subtle in their complexity, suitable for raising and setting sun.
His work as a designer leads him to be constantly experiencing with shapes, textures, colors and trends that are fragile and keep on fading with time. This also goes for the music, that is always changing and his works are never fulfilling to him, leading to push always into new directions and creative approachs.