Dee Bufato

Curious and driven by the creation of electronically manipulated atmospheres, Dee Bufato has been immersed in the universe of musical production since 2011. His track “Nona” has been released by the Romanian label Tzinah, and his EP “Avenue du Parc” by the label Not For Us. This last EP was heightened by commanding remixes from Ney Faustini, Renee Mussi, Blagoj Rambabov and the duo Dubshape.

Fascinated by the art of mixing two discs, Dee Bufato also expresses his passion for electronic music in his sets. Possessing a precise style and dynamics, Bufato combines micro house contours and techno lines, offering the dance floor a curious and captivating composition.

He has played alongside Sammy Dee, Renato Cohen, Function, Kenzo Tominaga, Heartthrob, Nina Soul and Marteaux, in clubs like Clash [SP, Brazil], D-Edge [SP, Brazil], Lab [SP, Brazil]. Recently, Dee played at Club Velvet in Montreal, Canada and also in the contemporary and modern art gallery Darling Foundry of the same city. He is a resident dj of the group WAN [Without a Name].