Isomer Transition

US born (New York) RJ Valeo is an electronic music producer, live performer, and event curator. Influenced by microsound, glitch, techno, new wave, idm, and industrial, he produces and releases under a variety of monikers. These monikers include the post-modern digital-futurist dance music of Isomer Transition, the brooding, somber and sometimes challenging experimental sounds of ‘Richard J Valeo’, and the uplifting, meditative and sublimely spiritual melodies of ‘RJ Valeo’.

As Isomer Transition, Valeo’s compositions are all about the body and making it move. Be it deep and dubby head nodding grooves, or tracks with a palpable energy, Isomer is all about moving the dance floor, and move it he does. Never one to succumb to clichés or the latest trends, Isomer releases focus on sonic and compositional innovations in the dance music genre.

With current releases on Pheek’s well-respected Archipel Musique and the Ghostly International P&D subsidiary Moodgadget, as well as having Isomer’s tracks featured on Maryann Hobbe’s radio show, and with an upcoming inclusion on Claude VonStroke’s Fabric mix CD, Isomer Transition is quietly and consistently making a name for himself as a producer to watch from New York.

All of the Isomer Transition releases revolve around, and build upon a single story. The releases and song titles represent different chapters and scenes in this story. The story chronicles the adventures of Captain Rethan Doepfer and his team of renegade scientists aboard The Mistress, who are racing to locate and decode a mysterious transmission before it disappears forever. To read excerpts from the story visit .

Under the monikers of RJ Valeo and Richard J Valeo his productions take on a more clinical mask, focusing on micro grooves and minimally placed melodic elements. Mindful to never be one to repeat himself, the output of both monikers are constantly evolving. With a long history in the electronic music scene as RJ Valeo, and with an inclusion in October of 2008 on the Wire Tapper CD as Richard J Valeo, he continues to show that he is a versatile producer just as comfortable making crystalline beats or walls of noise.

In addition to music production he was a co-founder of the BAP and BAPLAB series of art and music events held in NYC in 2005 and 2006, drawing over 3000 people to Brooklyn to experience 120 new media artists and musicians.

Currently RJ is producing and promoting a monthly event entitled ‘The Future Is Beautiful’, focusing on live electronic music performances. TFIB features everything from drone improvs to experimental dance music. The goal of the night is to provide a forum for, and expose audiences to the vast spectrum of electronic music emanating from NYC and Brooklyn.

In addition to continuing to release on labels such as Archipel Musique, Valeo recently re-launched his own imprint called Io Records, named after Jupiter’s moon. Io, an outlet for his endless creativity, will be featuring works from his archive of productions, new productions, as well as a select few artists who fit in with Io’s esthetic.

“The thing that influences the music that I make the most is the technology used to make the music itself. There is so much you can do with it, and I am always pushing the instruments and softwares to their most extreme parameters so that I can find the sounds in them that are the most hidden. I like to find the newest sounds I can and use those in my tracks.

I don’t really have a plan when I go into the studio to make a track, I just go in there to explore what the machines can do, find the sounds in them and let them out. For me making music is all about sonic and rhythm exploration. It keeps the whole experience fresh and new. Once I have something that catches my ear I guide it to an end result. This is the reason I make so many different styles of electronic music.”