Maurice Giovannini

Maurice Giovannini was born in Trois Rivieres (Quebec) taking his name from the Saint-Maurice river over there, he moved a year later with his family to Italy in a little town called Reggio Emilia.

At the age of 13 his parents bought his first console and he fell in love with electronic music for good. Later having a good approach with the CDJs and Turntables playing at gigs around the country, Maurice moved from mixing music to producing his original tracks.

His work have been released next to artists like Nu Zau, Plusulaar, Hubble, Adjustment Bureau, Sublee, Luca M, Bnzo and many other artists on labels like Wavetech Limited, Sakadat, Resonanz, Sleep is Commercial, What Now Becomes, Ensis Black, Body Parts and more.

Maurice’s sound is a full expression of colour and darkness, minimal- experimental that we will hear more and more in the industry of electronic music and the Archipel family is super proud to have him on the roster!