Offthesky is the ever evolving sonic quilt of denver, colorado artist Jason Corder. Wielding instruments such as a vibraphone, guitar, piano, and various others accoutrements, Mr. Corder makes home-spun and spacious sound-scapes of majestic proportion. He often performs live A/V and has had the privilege to play at such great festivals as mutek(ca), decibel(us), and communikey(us). He has performed bills with great artists such as Pole, Biosphere, Matmos, W. Basinski and more. Over the past 12 years he has released over 50 works via various projects (offthesky, color cassette, muridae, kinder scout, social system, and more). He often collaborates with other open minded individuals and is proud to have worked with sonic mavens such as Darren McClure, Ian Hawgood, Pleq, Ten and Tracer, and more.