Rico Casazza

Over the past few years, italian producer rico casazza music and live performances have gained a part of recognition on the underground electronic music community.


Since 2007 he started release music under his own name, He has released electronic music on :

 wavetec (USA), Wiggle (UK), Stock5 (Germany), Soma (UK),  release sustain (UK), Holic (Japan), soundbar (poland), Cartuli (UK),  Bonzai music (Belgium), Archipel (Canada), serialism (germany) to name a few.

Rico’s music has a variable style, from deep and minimal led techno to melancholic and beautifully crafted ambient moods. Rico’s musical textures span across genres – never putting themselves into a definitive place. Turning to his house/techno works, they’re dark and moody, with a heavy soul and groove concept. Successions of complex sampling weave their way through a mind tripping base of crunchy and mind driven groove. Whilst retaining a melodic listening experience rare within the walls of ‘techno/house’.