Artist: Giash


Release Date: 2014 / 06 / 23
Catalog: ARCH108
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Dawn Woods
  2. Tyto Alba
  3. Otus Scops
  4. 270 Degrees
  5. Strigimorphae
  6. Under The Lake

270 Degrees opens its rich panorama to us gradually through ambrosial pads and lush forestry. As a nursery of possibilities (Dawn Woods) quietly ends, Giash rapidly establishes the control over his craft. Tyto Alba covers a delightful range of punch and clarity. Precise and obtuse, it curiously evolves, taunting with hidden grace. A sensation of depth increases as we move from macro to micro within Otus Scops, a place like no other. Subtle rhythmic changes accompany transitions from intimate colours to lofty shapes. Exciting depth is found in Giash’s eponymous track, its pleasing roundness deliberately dotted with sonic kisses. Strigimorphae’s understated predatory sound flies sharply above the end track Under the Lake, a dark and wide construction. 270 Degrees is a canvas where the ethereal and the determinate effortlessly communicate.

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