Artist: Juan Farcik

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Release Date: 2013 / 11 / 18
Catalog: ARCH102
Formats: Digital
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  1. Despierta
  2. Fin
  3. Debes Ser
  4. Lejos

Aeroplano is a journey indeed; beginning with an energy that immediately draws the listener into the world of Argentinian producer Juan Farcik. Emotional ambience is balanced with organic depth. The disciplined drive of the low end complements unpredictable glitchy samples, so that one is left with the impression of travelling from unconscious to conscious through this artists deeply unique perspective. This release is characterised by surprises, where light and progressive atmospheres morph into moody grooves. Expect to hear beautiful snippets of piano and spacey, cerebral sounds that are clearly the work of a simultaneously intensely focused, and wandering mind. Combine those facets with creatively precise rhythmic patterns, and the formula equals Aeroplano, a truly perfect name for this artwork.

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