Artist: Tom Ellis

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Release Date: 2008 / 03 / 07
Catalog: ARCHPL010
Formats: Digital
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  1. A1-01
  2. A1-03
  3. A1-06
  4. A1-02

Apophenia, putting together pattern and meaning out of seemingly random sensory input. With Tom Ellis’s debut Archipel 12″, we are served a plethora of solid binary aural and metaphysical workouts. The titles are alphanumeric and let the music do the speaking, however, keep in mind the 12″s title, which perhaps suggest there may be meaning yet in these seemingly related titles. The two pieces on the A-side are fleshy, rigid swinging, the first with a curious and driven melody rhythmically held tight with a grid-work of percussion while the second track is more stripped down and even more hypnotic and binary. The B-side takes a more corrosive approach with the first track proceeding with a neural network of sharp rhythms and razor precision slices of illusive vocals while the second track buffers itself into a full allotment of an organized digitized funk frenzy.

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