Assignment 1

Artist: Various Artists

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Release Date: 2005 / 03 / 07
Catalog: ARCH004
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Navarro - Far Away From Your Mind
  2. Bern - Reinterpretation Kryptologique
  3. TPolar - The Way You Comb Your Hair
  4. Le Cantin - Threeplusone
  5. Plaster - Remote
  6. Gyges - Sludge
  7. Jesse Somfay - Alszia
  8. Pheek - You Do That To Me

Confronted with the idea of only using 3 samples from the samplepack and then picking one extra, a bunch of Archipel artists went beyond their usual creative routine to deliever a massive effort. Eight tracks that introduce you to an exercise which will be repeated regularly, as Archipel is a label about challenges and new ideas. Only reprocessing and effect were permitted, as Archipel believes that creative limits are actually a door that leads beyond our personal limits.

This release opens up with Navarro, who goes on an ambient excursion and sets a tone for the whole release. If minimalism is the operative word, Bern follows with a very cold and heady track, a perfect tool for DJs and also a door opener to personnal introspection. Tpolar is next with a moment of glitchy punches, followed by Le_Cantin who takes it deep. Then, we introduce a new artist to our label, Plaster, who makes his first appearance with a bit of the dark side, very deep and serious. Next is Gyges with an intensly minimal track, reminiscent of Richie Hawtin’s Concept series. Finally, Jesse Somfay and Pheek close this first Assignement with 4/4 tracks, as they love to do.

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