Assignment 2: Time

Artist: Various Artists

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Release Date: 2006 / 03 / 30
Catalog: ARCH017
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , , , ,
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  1. Mateo Murphy vs. Leif - Dolgellau & Montreal: Today
  2. Tom Ellis vs. Sul.a - Cardiff & Quebec: Today
  3. Le Cantin vs. Kabale Und Liebe - Montreal & Amsterdam: Today
  4. Nuthre vs. Krill.Minima - Victoria & Dortmund: Tomorrow
  5. Anonym vs. Leander Kruese - Detroit & Montreal: Tomorrow
  6. Receptor vs. Scant Intone - Santiago & Montreal: Today
  7. Bleupulp vs. Christian Dittmann - Quebec & Santiago: Today
  8. Benfay vs. Doxa - Bern & Zagreb: Today
  9. Deluge vs. Ryan Crosson - Montreal & Detroit: Today
  10. DNCN vs. Ditch - Tokyo & Manchester: Tomorrow
  11. Pheek vs. Bored Of Canada - Out Of Time
  12. Gyges vs. Letna - Montreal & Paris: La Riviere En Hiver
  13. Navarro vs. Des Cailloux Et Du Carbone - Paris & Montreal: Tomorrow

Archipel is proud to bring you the second installment of its Assignment series, this time with “Assignment 2: Time.” Just as with its CD counterpart, the idea of Assigment 2 was to bring together two artists and have them each collaborate on a track with each other using samples from Archipel’s Sample Pack 2.

Leif and Mateo Murphy kick off the web compilation with a sparse and driving off beat skitter scatter of groovy and swinging sounds. Le Cantin and Kabale Und Liebe take things into a shadowy and wavy realm of deep sea echoes and breezy soundscapes.

Anonym and Leander Kruese bring you an hypnotic depth charge of a track which just sucks you in and doesn’t let you go until you’ve recieved its message. Receptor and Scant Intone bring out the strange and wobbly with their collaboration of rolling digital coughs and burps.

Benfay and Doxa take things to a funkier clubby setting with their bubbling acidic collaboration. Ditch and DNCN bring you into a darker realm where the sound of shadows make themselves known far into the late night.

Pheek and Bored of Canada take us all into an area where we totally lose our foothold on the world and lose our minds in a world of squidgy weirdness with a strong backbone. While Navarro and Des Cailloux et du Carbone finish things off in a warm twitching puddle of glowing liquid.

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