Artist: Time For Trees

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Release Date: 2011 / 09 / 16
Catalog: ARCH082
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. Unfortunate Sailor
  2. Fortinbras Approves
  3. Shoulda Been Saved
  4. Passive Optimism
  5. Pretty OK
  6. Well, I Just Don't Agree With That
  7. A Man's Beauty Shines Through
  8. That's The Way I Said It, Not The Way I Meant It
  9. Awesome Hill

“Time For Trees aka Joshua Smith returns to Archipel two years after “”Sometimes Always”” with a glowing new full length album entitled “”Awesome Hill””. The core of the album pulses with 4/4 heart beat radiance and is coated with sheets of bright and sugary atmospheric layers.””The Unfortunate Sailor”” opens the album off in a delicate optimistic fashion where the heart of the track is a soft granular bed of irradiant atmosphere the hue of a gentle morning sunrise dotted by light hearted and spring loaded rhythms while transitioning to “”Fortinbras Approves”” which leads us into a deeper realm of still warm atmospheric clouds but held together mainly by rhythm and gentle low end where hypnotic fizzing chords build elegantly to a head like foam in rapids. “”Shoulda Been Saved”” continues on this path while a core of swing and bounce is amplified further into a more funk oriented flow of multi-hued water. “”Passive Optimism”” slows things down a touch and darkens the atmosphere rather comfortably into a state of mind much like what one experiences while falling seamlessly into dreamland at night with softly glowing imagery melodically dancing within one’s mind.””Pretty OK”” intensifies in tempo, rhythm and dark atmosphere while introducing intricate acidic elements and sensibility as geometric cracks begin to form beneath one’s feet, the cracks being formed of glowing molten glass of bright and warm hues while “”Well I Just Don’t Agree With That”” takes the now established subtle frame of darkness and effortlessly forms it into a sultry and airy atmosphere filled with light-strands flowing and morphing into each other, wrapping themselves around one’s head as one passes underneath. “”A Man’s Beauty Shines Through”” becomes slightly darker once more but with beautiful and cheekily euphoric melodies embracing a monolithic rhythmic drive. “”That’s The Way I Said It Not The Way I Meant”” froths with softly lit bioluminescent tendrils in an endless ocean of the smallest, purest bubbles while our thoughts are caressingly swept away and released into the atmosphere of endless early dawn while title track “”Awesome Hill”” closes the album off in shining percussive and churning melodic form leaving us enshrined in the most brilliant of infinitely hued clouds.”

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