Back Cover

Artist: Ditch

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Release Date: 2006 / 03 / 06
Catalog: ARCH016
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. Seesaw
  2. Tsunami
  3. Son-Da
  4. Ordinary

Archipel brings you its 16th release, this time from Japanese artist Ditch with “Back Cover.”

First up is “Seesaw” with roboticized industrial glitches and chunky elastic low end. It builds into a funked up head trip with rubberized stabs and hypnotic slight of sound.

Tsunami” is an off-beat spine slider which inches its way into our late night minds and makes us twist.

Next, “Son-Da” chills things out with extraterrestrial atmospheres capable of transforming this world into something completely new.

Last up is “Ordinary” which is anything but ordinary in its ringing twisted funk.

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