Bad Timing

Artist: DaFluke

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Release Date: 2005 / 05 / 15
Catalog: ARCH006
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Pain Go Away
  2. Somewhere In Us
  3. Can't Wake Up
  4. New Strut

Dafluke, whose real name is Lucas Granito, knows a thing or two about originality, subtlety and detail, that is for sure. Here he presents us with four slinky tracks of digital funk suitable for any fashion runway.

For starters, ‘Pain Go Away’, is nothing short of being able to make your backbone slide with its Boards of Canada inspired sound of gentle and groovy warmth. Tiny sounds can be found speckled about the track, hiding where you’d least expect them, peaking out from underneath sheets of bass and a rattling cowbell that just keeps the groove alive.

Next, ‘Somewhere in Us’ slowly inches its way around in your ear canals straight to your arms and legs. Peppered with jazzy snippets, gentle percussion and late night stabs and pads, it makes for an excellent track to cool off to in a gentle summer breeze.

‘Can’t Wake Up’ continues this trend with stabs and fragments of funk in all the right places swirling around a pogo disco bassline which keeps you jumping into the morning sunrise. And finally ‘New Strut’ finishes off with glistening guitar clips and gentle crackles and hisses to make you feel completely cozy in a bed of warm atmospheres and a dash of starlight thrown in for good measure.

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