Artist: Sul.a

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Release Date: 2010 / 04 / 19
Catalog: ARCH071
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , , , ,

  1. Ta Bouche Ma Moitie
  2. Le Petit Pieton
  3. Ecchymose
  4. Barberie Binaire
  5. Soleil Blanc
  6. La Moderation
  7. Echo
  8. Harmonique Dans La Tete
  9. Toujours Encore
  10. Aquacephale
  11. A Ciel Ouvert
  12. A Ciel Ouvert II

Sul.a shine’s his warm light once again from within the arms of Archipel and brings us his stunningly beautiful fourth album entitled “Barberie Binaire”. Sul.a takes his already excellent production to another level here and reaches out into a distant binary star system, capturing its light and bringing it back for all to feel. So many styles are featured here and yet they all snuggle up and share with each other so well. “Le Petit Piéton” and “Ta Bouche Ma Moitié” are both wonderfully warm and melodic within the frame of expertly faceted rhythms where the melodic elements shimmer and dance about in sync but at the same time frame themselves in their own right while “Écho” and “Ecchymose” fill a similar melodic and downbeat canvas but is more focused on an Autechrian type of rhythmic structure with fizzingly textured melodies which arch and wind their way fluidly about the rhythmic structures in a binary tango. Pieces like “Soleil Blanc”, “Toujours Encore” and “Harmonique Dans la Tête” inflate a darker foil of broken beat oriented rhythmic structures constructed from a succulent palette of textures from which Sul.a’s heated melodic elements are hinged to mesmerizing effect. In a perfect ratio of inclusion also are more dancefloor oriented pieces such as “Aquacéphale” and “Barberie Binaire” which combine dark atmosphere with sultry and warm textures creating a magnificent contrast wrapped up in a glowing shawl of hypnosis. “La Modération” and “À Ciel Ouvert”, of which is in two complimentary parts, II without beats, take on a still dancefloor but much deeper and aquatic palette of aural tones which sweep up one’s mind and send it off into a beautifully frothy ocean of sky blue and summer drizzle kissed warmth.

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