Artist: Vincent Casanova, Pheek

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Release Date: 2010 / 05 / 10
Catalog: ARCH072
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,

  1. Her Eyes Are Portals
  2. Her Eyes Are Portals (Pheek Remix)
  3. Enter The Shaolin
  4. Fortnighters
  5. May Tricks feat. Jordan Maxwell
  6. Locks Keys Levels
  7. Malibu Eclipsed
  8. Flicking The Wrong Switch

After his 2009 album on Archipel, we’re now proud for the return of Vincent Casanova and present to you his latest EP called “Bohemian Cybernetics”. Vincent’s EP is full of a particular bounce and hop which is totally irresistible. In “Enter The Shaolin” and “Locks Keys Levels” there is a very playful bounce which spring loads a wide palette of juicy electrified textures and aural spaces which synchronously spring forth off of each other effortlessly and to great affect. “Her Eyes Are Portal” and “Feat Jordan Maxwell” take on a great warmth and charm and are made up of wonderfully winding spiral rhythms with gentle melodies dotted through out, wherein “Feat Jordan Maxwell” indeed does feature fragments of the researcher’s heady musings which are neatly woven into Casanova’s aural tapestry. “Malibu Eclipsed” and “The Fortnighters” are both extremely colourful and are woven of lushly textured melodies held tightly together by entrancing atmospheric rhythms which are filled with charm.

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