Brightness Is All

Artist: Giash

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Release Date: 2016 / 01 / 27
Catalog: ARCH119
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,

  1. The North Beast
  2. Mouth Of Warnow
  3. Lack Of Patterns
  4. Next Door
  5. Painted Pain
  6. Nightlurk
  7. Brightness Is All
  8. Baby Baby
  9. Blinding Tool
  10. Blur


Giash is back on Archipel with a new, gorgeous album titled “Brightness is All.” The Hungarian producer shows his excellent control on sound design and build up a colorful and rich palette of ethereal sonic twirls. It is uncommon that you can hear an album where the sound evolves from one song to another and yet, is still dancefloor.

As all tracks are extremely workable for DJs, they also provide a trip to simply listen to and this is one of Giash’s unique talent at crafting groovy songs.

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