Chaos Theory

Artist: Plaster

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Release Date: 2005 / 04 / 19
Catalog: ARCH005
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Conspiracy Part o1
  2. Conspiracy Part 2
  3. Conspiracy Part o1 (Butane Remix)
  4. Conspiracy Part 2 (Léander Kruse Remix)

For Croation artist Plaster’s first release on Archipel, we present two steamy dub influenced minimal jams and two equally deep remixes from Butane and Leander Kruese. With Conspiracy Part 1, Plaster takes us into a humid space full of shuddering hisses and stabs and a deep dub bassline which just makes it all the more deeper and steamier.

Conspiracy Part 2 is just as steamy and fueled by a deep throbbing kick surrounded with wet crackles and pops. The silver lining to this cloud is the deep hypnotic stab which drags the mind out far into the distance. Butane’s remix of Conspiracy Part 01 is a dancier but still very dub influenced and spacey journey through the cracks and crevices of the original.

And lastly, Leander Kruese’s remix of Conspiracy Part 02 draws on the far out stabs of the original and is just as dubby. With this release, Plaster and co. will take you on a journey of unexplored depths in an ocean of vibrating and energetic sounds.

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