Artist: Sven Laux, Ingemar Stalholm, Cleymoore

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Release Date: 2013 / 04 / 22
Catalog: ARCH099A
Formats: Digital

  1. Fall Into Disrepair
  2. Resigned
  3. You Should Keep This Field
  4. Optic Nerve
  5. Resigned (Ingemar Stalholm Remix)
  6. You Should Keep This Field (Pachyderme Reinterpretation)
  7. Fall Into Disrepair (Cleymoore Remix)

Engaging itself in the last sequence of the catalog before the big 100, Archipel blows last 2 candles in the 99 slot. The first is a Archipel veteran, that is good old Sven Laux who tamed himself into “Comfort Fragments.” As the the title suggests, the release is a slow immersion into comfortable pillows of sounds with light sparkles of ecclectic swinging, flying clicks as percussion. The glitches of noises have calmed down as if maturity left room to an imposing trip, a walk into a awaken dream. “Fall into Dispair” actively challenges you with waves of warm emotion to which you won’t feel left out. The next two tracks have a strange groovy feeling into sobriety of schizo sounds while the closing “Optic Nerve” is a pure lighting channel. The powerful trio of remixes bring colors to the release. Stalholm goes into weird liquid melting beats, while Pachyderme explore a buddhist path and Cleymoore brings his techno magic.

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