Artist: Various Artists, Hear

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Release Date: 2013 / 07 / 11
Catalog: ARCH100
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. New Era
  2. Controls
  3. Blueblockers
  4. Drench Of Souls
  5. States Of Flux
  6. Din Descriere
  7. Alas
  8. Mind Tunnel
  9. Memories Of A Cold Winter
  10. Archipel Drift
  11. Trip Down
  12. X & Oh
  13. Do The Robo
  14. Noetic
  15. The Robot's First Emotion
  16. In Alternate Realities
  17. 68 Larkin Gardens
  18. Hope To Spiral
  19. Song To Remember My Way Back Home
  20. Passed Away
  21. Defiance At Several Points
  22. Darkness Painted Blind With Colours
  23. Ambie Tool
  24. One Hundred
  25. Grow
  26. 200 Yards Below
  27. My Digital Playground (Featuring Teo)
  28. Laughing Stock
  29. Sleight Of MInd
  30. Tokyo Dream
  31. A Tear In The Wishing Well
  32. Data From The Doghouse
  33. Ziplodocus (featuring Alex)
  34. Zest
  35. Eiffel_mp4th3

A long time awaited release from Archipel, which is the 100th digital release! This milestone compilation named Contemplation, is there to trace back all the previous works from all contributors. Various long time contributors appear with a track that they associate with the label. The music is self meditative or totally workable on the dance floor, everyone will find a gem that suits their view of the label through the last 9 years!

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