Cosas Simples

Artist: Christian Dittmann

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Release Date: 2005 / 09 / 14
Catalog: ARCH010
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Para Karol
  2. Suenos
  3. Musica Para Robots
  4. Ciudad Subterranea

Archipel reaches number ten with this fine debut from Christian Dittman called “Cosas Simples.” It begins with the gentle sway of “Para Karol” which ebbs and swirls as smoothly as ocean water in a slight summer breeze. “Suenos” is a deep and spastic and acts like the wind lifting up the sand on a warm day under the sun. It is speckled with sunny stabs and airy pads perfect for a last day at the beach before the bitter chill of fall arrives. One could speak to soon about the arrival of fall tones where “Musica Para Robots” is concerned. It hints at fall with robotic and crispy yet gentle sound textures. Finishing off this release is “Ciudad Subterranea” which is indeed at depths well below the surface of the Earth. It is a moist and metalic journey to the heat of the core.

All in all this release is perfect to enjoy the last days of summer with before the arrival of the colder months. Even when it gets cold, Christian Dittman will be sure to bring a certain Spanish charm and warmth akin to that of artists such as Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano.

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