Court Métrage

Artist: Mod2&303box

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Release Date: 2014 / 07 / 28
Catalog: arch109
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. Tête-à-Tête
  2. Sang D'Encre
  3. Clair-Obscur
  4. L'Esprit Primitif
  5. Comme Chat Et Chien
  6. Court Métrage
  7. Archipel Arctique
  8. L'autre Jour
  9. Les Pieds Sur Terre

Hailing from France, the brother duo makes a huge impression with a really strong opening album on Archipel with “Court Métrage.”  The name stands for Short Movie, but more in the sense of something that present a more artistic take on movie itself. The main direction of this album is extremely visual as well as a very detailed narration. It starts with a enigmatic entrance that build into a tension builder. You can almost feel a black and white imagery through out the first part of the album, as a movie carving out of organic details that slowly builds on the listener.

What really strikes us is how the mixture of sound design as well as recording blends so well, creating a very warm and thoughtful feeling that stays with you, moments after the album stops. it leaves you with a comptent emotion that makes you want to re-explore the excursion.

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