Artist: Marc Neyen, Soz Adams

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Release Date: 2007 / 03 / 30
Catalog: ARCH029
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Mirror Maze
  2. Tucan
  3. Support The Cookie Monster
  4. Mirror Maze (Soz Adams Remix)

Archipel welcomes Marc Neyen of Luxembourg to its growing roster of constantly surprising artists. He is a trained jazz musician having studied in University and with his first release ever, what better place than Archipel to express his funk fueled music. We are proud to present you with “Crumbs”.

It begins with ‘Mirror Maze’ which starts off throbbing in the depths of a contorting imagination and bubbles its way through shifting sands of hypnotic rhythm and melody almost taking on a hue reminiscent a Steve Reich composition. ‘Support the Cookie Monster’ is an hypnotic journey of cerebral proportions which breaks out into luscious skittering drones flowing and forming geometrically organic mindscapes straight out of the deepest and darkest REM pattern.

Next is ‘Tucan’ which scatters about even more in expedited but in no way rushed manner and sends one’s thoughts spiralling into mindphase shifting patterns of memory and precognition.

To close off this neuron exciting package is SozAdams’ remix of ‘Mirror Maze’ which takes the original into ultra dark territories where movement and shadow are the prime inhabitants asking “Where is the exit.” With this release, the exit leads only to infinitely more spaces of constantly shifting scope and perspective in a spiral of tantalisingly heady pathways.

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