Des milliers de fenêtres

Artist: Racine

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Release Date: 2017 / 02 / 13
Catalog: ARCH132
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,

  1. Que notre sceptre puisse y apporter remède
  2. Les profondeurs
  3. Contempler les étendues désertiques
  4. Le lac noir qui nourrit les sources souterraines
  5. Des milliers de fenêtres
  6. Les terasses de ce jardin
  7. D'une opaque épaisseur sonore

Racine‘s latest album on Archipel “Des milliers de fenêtres” out on all digital stores 13/02/2017.


Des milliers de fenêtres, (‘Thousands of windows’) is Racine’s most recent album. Here, the multi-facetted artist appropriates and cracks the codes of ambient music. Dense and atmospheric pieces’ pierce through the rhythms and emerge abruptly only to dissipate without a trace. Light melodies glide for an instant before growing heavy and entirely changing direction. These turnarounds have the effect of creating tension throughout the music. The album was composed through a very intuitive process focusing on pure improvisation and the materiality of sound. With ‘Des milliers de fenêtres’, Racine will explore resonance and tone that travel across both physical and emotional spaces: memories of a lost city and sensations of a room.

Get your favourite vinyl from Archipel’s Vinyl Store! Buy the digital from our Bandcamp to support the artist fully, from the link below artwork, or from all your usual favourite digital platforms below:








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