Don’t Forget To Turn Off The Light LP

Artist: Sul.a

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Release Date: 2005 / 12 / 10
Catalog: ARCH013
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. En Plein Dedans Le Mois De Novembre
  2. Boardish4
  3. Motorik
  4. Pelles Et Chatiments
  5. Le Son Du Cuir Qui S'√Čtire
  6. Sans Nom
  7. Choix Du President
  8. Pudding Gele
  9. A Rather Jazzy Ending

One could have blinked and missed the entire past year, but not with Archipel. It has been a year of sound adventures and creative mass. And to celebrate we bring you two new netreleases. The first of which is local Quebec artist Sul.a’s stunning Archipel debut net LP entitled “Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Lights.”

It begins with the shuddering and stuttering “En Plein Dedans le Mois de Novembre” which is a delicate dance of chopped up chords and crystaline percussion. “Boardish4” continues with a chilly and yet dreamy mood which reminds one of Boards of Canada or Autechre.

Next “Motorik” is an industrial post-apocalyptic disco akin to that of Plaid. “Pelles et Chatiments” is a cheery and smooth wintery groove like a breath of frosty air on a crisp morning. Spasming in “Le Son du Cuir Qui S’Etire” is an Aphex like journey around a stuttering and clattering merry-go-round which leads to “Sans Nom” where the mood is warmed up a little while still remaining crisp and shining with bright chords and fluffy enigmatic pads.

“Choix du President” is a rubbery and bouncing echo under the surface of a mid winter frozen lake while “Pudding Gele” compliments it by being the shimmering lightly dusted ice crystals shining brightly in a forest of sunlight guitar chords. To end this sparkling aural journey is the cerebral chop-chop jazz of the aptly named “A Rather Jazzy Ending” which is just that with its Squarepusher feel.

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