Artist: Stefny Winter, , Isomer Transition, Flourish

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Release Date: 2010 / 01 / 25
Catalog: ARCHPL019
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Echinodon
  2. Ornithomimus
  3. Echinodon (Bruno Pronsato's Erectopus Remix)
  4. Echinodon (Isomer Transition's Indosaurus Remix)
  5. Echinodon (Flourish Tarchia Othnielia Ingenia Memory Ash Remix)
  6. Echinodon (Bruno Pronsato's Extended Erectopus Remix)

After releasing the excellent ‘Wormhole’ on Japan Excursion Joint 3, the most talented Stefny gives us her debut solo Archipel 12″, “Echinodon”, featuring remixes from Bruno Pronsato, Isomer Transition and a newly birthed project of Somfay’s called Flourish. This package, by all means, is set to infinitely clutch and grab ahold of many a mind. “Echninodon” is wonderfully fanged, each maxilla locked and loaded, ready to capture the entirety of the mind’s resources and set it into intricate motion. It possesses a hypnotic prowess of such a level which makes it difficult if not impossible to shift one’s attention away from it. If lucid dreaming is possible while one is awake, waking dreams within wakefulness, this is sure to cause just such a condition to arise, leading to deliciously formed headscapes where every scene is endlessly novel and created out of the finest of mental interior brushstrokes and every individual shade and colour is endless in its depth. “Silofai” is a part of this continuum, this waking dream during wakefulness, and it has just as many details to show for it. It’s scenery is subtly tinted with just the right balance of funkiness and steamed, warm, darkness while its patterning winds around itself like a fractal, coiling, technicolour serpent. Isomer Transition’s remix of Echninodon takes the original and strips it down to a darkly tinted scape of low Hz funk which is set to broadcast its seed throughout plenty a cortex where its staccato, anodyne, roots will infinitely branch off. Bruno Pronsato brings us two versions of Echinodon, one exclusively digital and one for the vinyl. His versions wrap the original in spirals of darkly jazzed percussion with mind encompassing, breathy yet heavy, girth, and spread open the doors of hypnosis as far as they can open until they have no other option but to unhinge, to detach and enter the labyrinth. Flourish takes Echinodon and modifies it into a downtuned chamber of spitting ophidian darkness where original elements are folded in on themselves and inflated into new forms while at the core a ghost melody is brought to the surface and set in silver machine gunned percussion, a ribbed monolith of moonlight captured and jewelled.

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