Artist: Alicia Hush

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Release Date: 2012 / 08 / 13
Catalog: ARCH092
Formats: Digital
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  1. Messe Morrow
  2. Dinner At The Delusion
  3. Normal Flora
  4. Balogna Misdemeanor
  5. Bottle Nose Blues
  6. Empathy Soup

Young canadian talented Alicia Hush grabs all her courage and scores high with a first EP titled “Empathy Soup.” The Toronto based artists sets things straight, similar to her DJ influenced sets by opening the release with bass monster titled “Messe Morrow.” Right there you feel the thick meal of thick low end will support you through the next track “Dinner at the Delusion” where you’re served sonic flying shards of crystaline wind. The mood is tight and a bit tensed but the feeling shifts softly back and forth, which lets suppose Hush can host you with many sublte surprises. “Normal Flora” gets it up funky and “Balogna Midemeanor” is the core center of the meal soup with again, a swirling breeze of flying sounds slipping over bass pillows. The closing and main idea of the release, “Empathy Soup” is where you get all the answers back from the entire excursion. Imagine David Lynch playing tuba for bewitched stuttering chanting-chatting dude and you got there a LSD-influenced spaced out trip in front of you. The story stretches and arise a pleasant tension to leave you on a light flying carpet landing swiftly.

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