Forget Me Not

Artist: Hubble

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Release Date: 2010 / 09 / 01
Catalog: ARCH074
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. Forget Me Not
  2. Visionaere
  3. Sonnenaufgang In Berlin
  4. Fusion
  5. Ametistium
  6. Atlantis
  7. Full Moon

Archipel welcomes to its family, Hubble, also known as Giuseppe Marchagiano of Berlin, who brings us an absolute treat of an album entitled “Forget Me Not”. The album is enormously warm and enveloping like a mid summer sunset where high atmospheric clouds bleed shades of red, orange and cotton pink, surrounded by the encroaching deep purple black of nightfall. Title track ‘Forget Me Not’ fits this overall description perfectly with its warm and breezy chording and perfectly set rhythm which is strung with gentle and warped auditory hallucinations. ‘Visionaere Part 1’ begins with hypnopompic ambient sculptures whirling around each other as low Hz percussion slides up from the ethers and curtains of beautiful noise reveal waves of hypnotic tones bending to the star core rhythm they surround and returning to the cocoon of noise towards the end. ‘Sonnenaufgang In Berlin’ is a shimmering and motorik, yet very curvy, ambience laden piece which billows with colour and delicate rhythm which weaves in and out of sight while ‘Fusion’ breathes arpeggiated smoke in icy, yet still warm, hues and shades as it caresses the growing melodic rhythm at its centre. ‘Ametistium’ ups the rhythm but still keeps every last gram of finesse within itself as clouds of electric haze glitter through moon kissed twilight while ‘Atlantis’ slows down a few notches and takes a dive beneath the surface to reveal rolling seas of gentle midrange, melodic, feedback sliding expertly between precision and yet vast percussive currents. The album closes off flawlessly with ‘Full Moon’ which is a brief but gently beautiful and filling ball of serene nighttime radiance.

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