Artist: Russian Linesman, Roland Klinkenberg

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Release Date: 2008 / 04 / 18
Catalog: ARCH043
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Gerdur
  2. Mouth
  3. Gezellig
  4. Mouth (Roland Klinkenberg Remix)

Russian Linesman is the electronica project of England’s Jamie Boyer who has released on labels such as Tide Pool and Undercut already, sprinkling a trail of summery aural gems as he goes and “Gazellig EP” is no exception, including a remix from Roland Klinkenberg. Like Jamie’s previous releases, this tightly wrapped bundle blends his many influences together forming a bright and nostalgic froth out of which arise constellations of emotionally charged, psychotropic melodies. “Gerdur” and “Gezellig” and “Mouth” wrap sheets of melody with soft percussion creating a very pleasing wash of open-sky imagery while Roland Klinkenberg takes the gentle ambient Mouth and sculpts it into an acidic, dance floor oriented, mesmeric expedition of sun kissed jagged terrain in a parallel universe askew.

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