L-Msaria B-Lglass

Artist: Ten & Tracer

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Release Date: 2007 / 06 / 06
Catalog: ARCH031
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Duivenmelker
  2. Zakenvrouw
  3. The Forked Stick
  4. Kunstenaar
  5. Zakenmaann

Archipel welcomes Ten and Tracer, who bring us the ethereal dub influenced “L-Msaria B-Lglass”. The package begins with “Duivenmelker” which skips along lightly and deeply through a myriad of skittering amber hue’d globules of warmth.

“Zakenvrouw” continues on this path while taking things slightly slower and even deeper with woody droning encapsulated within tiny sunkissed drops of liquid. “The Forked Stick” is a dub infused afternoon swaying from side to side in a hazy hammock of nostalgic whispers while “Kunstenaar” is even deeper with a hint of swing to keep things percolating. “Zakenmaan” is a choppy floorboard creeking experience dipped in misty fluid humidity.

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