Artist: Tom Ellis

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Release Date: 2006 / 11 / 30
Catalog: ARCH024
Formats: Digital
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  1. A.S.F.A.D
  2. A.Y.A
  3. B.B.2
  4. B.B.F
  5. I.W
  6. N.M
  7. T.G

We are proud to welcome Tom Ellis to the Archipel ranks and here he brings us his deep and groovy net album “Letters.”

Keeping the track titles abbreviated, with the focus here being on the music, we begin with “A-S-F-A-D” which is an hypnotic bouncy and yet equally deep journey into the psyche of the artist. “A-Y-A” is geared for the floor with its slightly more uptempo feel and quirky, funky and strong rhythms. “B-B-2” is a slippery and yet extremely precise ride down a hill of sliced and dice funk. “B-B-F” is a sweaty hypnotising mystic of a track directed straight towards the soaking wet minds of 5 AM.

“I-W” takes the theme of funkiness and depth and strips it right down to the essentials with a charming heady feel to it. “N-M” is where the funk is thrown into full throttle and will have all skipping into the sunrise. “T-G” brings the headiness right up front and is ready to squeeze every neuron dry before it finishes.

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