Love Affair With The Moon

Artist: Jesse Somfay

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Release Date: 2005 / 01 / 29
Catalog: ARCH002
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. A List I Gave to the Clouds
  2. She Gave Me an Eclipse
  3. Your Heart is in Love with Itself

For his first release on Archipel, Jesse Somfay, known for his sense of playful and dramatic melodies, rhythms and emotional moments, has created a release full of pulpy romance. ‘Love Affair with the Moon’ is a bittersweet and mysterious affair which stretches across elastic and dreamlike landscapes. It releases its full psychedelic properties as soon as it begins.

‘Your Heart is in Love with Itself’ is a thirteen minute journey through a humid summer night just after sunset. As it progresses, different sounds come out to play and dance with your thoughts. They have little lives of their own. A subtle, relaxing, yet earnest melody slowly yawns and echos in the distance and slowly begins to feel like it is in the very core of your existence. And as the playful night time romance ends, you are left with a feeling of mysterious well being. While ‘She Gave Me an Eclipse’ is a watery episode of a slightly chilled breeze bringing with it memories of when everything was warm and bright. It takes you on a walk along a foggy path with no surroundings but feels close and comforting. ‘A List I Gave to the Clouds’ picks up the path where ‘Your Heart is in Love with Itself’ left off. This time, however, it moves towards a shimmering dawn of sounds, a new sunrise full of steamy hopefullness for a new beginning. As the sun rises over a perfectly calm ocean, pink popcorn clouds spackle the sky and an ethereal moon grows weary and sets as sand blows around with a gentle breeze. Only the feeling of being completely enveloped in love is left.

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