Mad Suit EP

Artist: Marc Neyen, Pheek

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Release Date: 2007 / 11 / 20
Catalog: ARCHPL008
Formats: Digital
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  1. Mad Suit
  2. Tree Litter
  3. Mad Suit (Pheek's Tool Mix)

After Marc Neyen’s depth filled and detailed digital release “Crumbs”, we are now proud to bring you his first 12″ outting “Mad Suit”. The A side of the same name as the release is a smooth, dark and groovy outing which is constantly in movement. Chock full of simultaneous construction and deconstruction via shuffling third-eye-visual-inducing melodic pulses with just the right hint of fizzing acid jazz flavour sure to sneak past the blood-brain barrier in an instant. The B side contains “Tree Litter” which is a very low slung and heavy affair of the nerve rattling type. It is in a state of constant evolution, warm swaths of melody draping down from cerebral curtain rods, shuddering with an organic elegance leaving us craving only more.

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