Non Disperdere

Artist: Rayuela

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Release Date: 2008 / 11 / 10
Catalog: ARCH053
Genres: ,
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  1. Wegt
  2. Trama Celeste
  3. En Vivo
  4. Hydrae
  5. Ushan
  6. Anagramme
  7. Non Disperdere

Bubbling up from subterranean oceanic depths of Kalimari, this time with an album for Archipel, is Rayuela who brings us “Non Disperdere” which overflows with exceptional detail and intricacy.

“Wegt” and “Ushan” ripple delicately causing a flutter of refracted knots of light on tenth dimensional walls which crease and arch like metal being folded into itself at the super dense core of a distant pulsar. “Trama Celeste” and title track “En Vivo” share bodies built from ever changing glossy plasticized metallic polyhedra who’s vertices are illuminated with fizzling phosphorescence while “Anagrame” constantly rearranges itself into an infinitum of self-transforming tessellations which spread out into an innumerable depth of layers of varying, glowing and spectral translucency. “Hydrae” and “Non Disperdere” step in and create a vast and tingling carpet of atmospheric electro-magnetic discharges warbling above endless mileage of chilled crystalline forestry which radiates quivering clustered spines of light when filled with the curling colours from above.

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