Olive Aleif EP

Artist: Laurine Frost

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Release Date: 2012 / 03 / 19
Catalog: ARCH087
Formats: Digital
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  1. Olive's Dream
  2. Olive's Doubt
  3. Olive's Despair
  4. Olive's Destiny

It’s with great pleasure that Laurine Frost does his first release on Archipel with an impressive sonic proposition, compiled and titled as “Olive’s Aleif EP.” As it might be difficult to really categorize the musical direction in this one, Frost uses catchy phrases on which he surposes a really organized chaos of distinct sounds, as if lightly levitating. In Olive’s Dream, the track gives a overview of flying appearing sounds, as a peaceful safari that slowly evolves throughout the song to eventually become a precise canvas. Frost thinks of his 4 tracks as a storytelling effort as each tracks goes further on in their adventure and approach and so, Olive’s Destiny, the artist gives a last push to let the release fly on its own with a more driving feeling that gives hope for more.

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