On Aerial Archetype

Artist: Offthesky, Ten & Tracer

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Release Date: 2009 / 10 / 26
Catalog: ARCH066
Genres: , ,
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  1. Arc Automatic
  2. Streamlined For Slipstreams
  3. Finally Floating
  4. Feathering
  5. Still Moving Star
  6. On Aerial Archetype (Ten & Tracer Mix)

The multitalented Jason Corder, who, with Pheek, makes up one half of Social System, makes a return to Archipel with a shimmering collection of aural art which goes by the title of “On Aerial Archetype”. These pieces originally were b-side sketches for the first Social System release, which have inhaled new life and been reworked and now exhale into the world with the heart of a new concept, air and the all encompassing fullness of the sky. “Arc Automatic” is fresh spring inhalations as one is just on the edge of wakefulness but not yet out of the realm of dreams as beams of sunshine slice through the blinds cutting through one’s eyelids, delivering the wholeness of nuclear fission in the package of warmth while “Streamlined for Slipstreams” is more solemn and smokey, covering one’s eyes like midnight while city lights are still visible at the cloud base from miles around. “Finally Floating” is the shattered glass rainbow one sees as one stares into the glow as it rushes past one’s lashes and settles upon the retinas whilst “Feathering” is the soft lick of a cool breeze in the middle of the hottest of heat waves. “Still Moving Star” is the ancient and bright visual hiss of the milky way during the darkest of nights while it reflects upwards back towards itself via the chilled diamond coated surface of a night lake.

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