Artist: Isomer Transition

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Release Date: 2009 / 01 / 10
Catalog: ARCH057
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Give Me Your Hand
  2. Hot Salsa
  3. Parametric Pressure
  4. Landing Near The Center
  5. Searching For Clues

Following fellow New Yorker Stefny’s release is Isomer Transition who brings us a seething low Hz tinted package called “Orbits Decay”. Pieces such as “Give Me Your Hand” and “Landing” are laced with sizzling atom-disintegrating electronics which drive themselves to excite every molecule in their aim and colour them with an unending spectrum of interlacing and extremely quickly vibrating pigments. “Hot Salsa” and “Parametric Pressure” throw down the gauntlet and let the low end out of the cage while quickly chased by a trailing emergent constellation of glittering glassy shards in undulating flight, arching across jagged terrain and leaving a dripping molten trail behind in memory while “Searching for Clues” broils into an acidic crawl down the sides of tilting skyscrapers, dripping off at the optimum angle and leaving resonating tubes of opalescent material reaching to firmly grab the surface below.

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