Artist: BJNJ


Release Date: 2016 / 05 / 17
Catalog: ARCH122
Formats: Digital Vinyl
Genres: ,
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  1. Prélude 1
  2. Prélude 2
  3. Prélude 3
  4. Prélude 4
  5. Prélude 5
  6. Prélude 6



Four skilled techno artists have combined their musical dexterities for this release, entitled simply: Préludes.

BJNJ are Pheek, Giash and the brothers of Mod303. All established artists with a stronghold in the minimal scene. The chemistry is clear here, the collab seamless, with a complete sound that comes together as if it was just one artist’s vision.

Préludes first moments are enticing to say the least. With classical motives, frayed edges, plucked accents and light sky blue spaces, it is visceral right away, head to toe.

As the set progresses, the feelings deepen into a liquid ambiance bringing in the right amount of far away tensions with sharpened up presence.

There is a lot of communication throughout. Arcane human voices dropping in alongside clicky, tangled sticks which sound like an ancient alphabet, while the long looping beats underneath giving breath to the prose. The balance of conversation that closes the set of tunes shows the language complexity these four have which leaves things on an intelligent note.

Préludes are usually considered a set up for what is to come, but this feels like a satiating event unto itself.

The album is available through Archipel’s Bandcamp where you can support the artist fully and Pre-Order your 180grams Vinyl copy (Please note the vinyl will ship around 25th May 2016):

Otherwise you can buy the album on all usual digital platforms:

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