Psycho Harmonic Language

Artist: Rico Casazza, Christian Dittmann

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Release Date: 2008 / 05 / 29
Catalog: ARCH044
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Bolle Di Sapone
  2. Brickbeat
  3. Supernova
  4. Timeless Clock
  5. Bass Machine
  6. Bass Machine (Christian Dittmann Remix)

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Rico Casazza has already had releases on several labels including WaveTec and Blurred Vision and he now brings us his first outing on Archipel under the title of “Psycho Harmonic Language” featuring a remix from Christian Dittmann.

It is packed full of a range of heavy percussive moods and warm psychoactive melodies. “Brickbeat” and “Bass Machine” are both very heavily percussion oriented and full of much intricate motion which almost behave in the manner in which wind-shear affects atmospheric layering and carves out rippling cloud formations. Christian Dittmann’s take on “Bass Machine” packs things even tighter and into a deep level of revolving and subtle shifting geometric hypnosis.

“Bolle di Sapone”, “Supernova” and “Timeless” bring things more into the melodic realm with soft animated shades of oceanic undulation with Bolle in particular taking a more windblown feel laced with floating driftwood rhythms.

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