Artist: Michel Lloyd

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Release Date: 2007 / 12 / 31
Catalog: ARCHPL038
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Autobahn
  2. Reve Analogue
  3. Koordinatenpunkten
  4. Abbrechen
  5. Bi-Polaire
  6. Eolienne
  7. Forgive Me

It’s new year’s eve… Let’s party and celebrate!

The final release of 2007 for Archipel brings about Michel Lloyd’s “Rêve Analogue” which is an exceptionally detailed and highly rhythmic work of seven pieces in total.

“Autobahn” switches on the ignition with warm and hypnotic style which takes the aurally syncopated scenic route in an elastically stretched manner.

Title track “Rêve Analogue” is a heavy set slab of gooey plasticine contortion set to a rigid rhythm and mentally skewed melodies. “Koordinatepunkten” solidly drives on with pseudo-motorik precision locking the listener into tightly wound hypnosis. “Abbrechen” continues growing in phases of rhythm in a synchronized shower of caustic aural mercury rain.

“Bi-Polaire” is more bright eyed and upbeat with its seductive melody bending and twisting around itself in a flurry of lysergic candy floss snow. “Éolienne” is again on the upswing with bendy swirling melody and warped ambiences wrapping themselves tightly in a bundle of glowing fluid glass.

“Forgive Me” closes things off with a frantically warm, candy coated melody inset with a slowly distorted introverted monologue.

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