Artist: Maxime Miville, Rico Casazza, Rico Puestel

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Release Date: 2009 / 03 / 23
Catalog: ARCH061
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Dopamine
  2. Endorphine
  3. Dopamine (Rico Casazza Remix)
  4. Dopamine (Rico Puestel Remix)

Archipel is pleased to welcome Montreal’s Maxime Miville who brings with him a wonderful package of fuzzy melodic sunshine entitled “Runner’s High EP” with remixes from Rico Casazza and Rico Puestel. Corresponding with the physiological phenomenon that is Runner’s High, Maxime’s two originals are are entitled “Dopamine” and “Endorphine”, respectively. Indeed, like their chemical analogs, they both bring about a feeling of ambrosial pleasure when one exposes one’s self to their warm and rotational melodies coupled with deep and persistent rhythms. Endorphine’s character is akin to that of the endogenous compound where it leads to a sense of relief and care-free, glowing, analgesia while Dopamine leads to rolling, textural and especially heady geometric pleasantries. Both Casazza and Puestel take on remix duties and turn in more stripped down and cerebral versions of Dopamine. Puestel takes on an hypnotic pre-dawn feel for times where closed eyes and slipping away into one’s own shifting, rhythmic, thoughts are a must while Casazza delivers a heavier, darker and spacious take on the original which relentlessly but gently pile drives itself into the deepest places within the brain.

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