Secrets We All Share

Artist: Le Cantin

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Release Date: 2005 / 02 / 19
Catalog: ARCH003
Formats: Digital
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  1. Locust
  2. Fancy Stairs
  3. Fluke
  4. Shift Shift
  5. Phase 4uatre

Patrice Cantin of Montreal has mainly focused on IDM since early 2000. His taste and passion for both melody and percussion comes from an early love of music and his percussion background in a garage rock band.

For his first net-release on Archipel, Patrice works with a good mixture of beats and warm ambience. Throughout Secrets We All Share, warped beats and percussion peppered with breezy noises and swirling pads are perfectly refreshing in any room. With ‘Fancy Stairs’, Patrice drops sounds into a pool of warm and bubbly delay. Distant stabs shudder and bring a certain humidity to the shimmering delay laden track. Patrice then dives even further down into the pool with ‘Fluke’ using frothy humid stabs dipped in reverb and delay while occasional bright reverbed stabs light up the depths. He then chills the entire space with ‘Locust’ which bumps and flickers about in the darkness of some unknown space in the ocean. And then where it is least expected, a huge bubble of warmth foaming with shuddering sweeps and jittery waterlogged sounds driping with filters.

A soothing release for this long winter.

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