Artist: Jesse Somfay

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Release Date: 2007 / 10 / 05
Catalog: ARCH036
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Fricative White

Whilst in the middle of writing a new album for Archipel, Somfay has taken a short break to write a lengthly slab of swirling, brightly lit, aural forestry by the name of “Serendip”.

An undulating cinematic view, pulsing with hypnagogic imagery, Fricative White steeps one’s mind slowly in a light composed of softly glowing, fuzzy coils of warmth brought on by a morning sunrise suspended in honey in the same way that tiny pockets of ancient air are suspended forever within the asymmetrical geometry of gemstones. Gossamer layers of cascading melodic noise gently snowball as the piece progresses, ebbing and flowing through each other, into stratospheric peaks and rolling valleys which whorl within themselves to create helical mindscapes of otherworldly colour and form, leaving a trail glistening soft, blurred, faded and overexposed footsteps engraved on the inside.

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