L’Écorce Des Astres

Artist: Shcaa

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Release Date: 2013 / 12 / 16
Catalog: ARCH103
Formats: Digital
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  1. Jardins
  2. Pinophyta
  3. La Faille
  4. Rêves Cirés
  5. By The End

The delicate chaos that Shcaas music manifests fills the very hunger it creates as you listen. A palpable longing moves along the highly refined consideration for space, and sensual drama. LÉcorces des Astres is defined by a technical structure and emotional rawness that travel straight through to the unconscious. Such visceral sound seems to be a shedding of this artists many layers: suggestive sampling, sultry beats, deep funky grooves, snappy rhythms inviting dissection – all harboured in hauntingly soft and melodic surroundings. The incredible spaciousness conceives of an environment in which the silences are as satisfying as the lush vibrations that occupy them. Listening to this EP is like having the most wonderful dream, leaving one wanting to revisit Shcaas dreamscapes upon awakening.

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