Siren Dub

Artist: Roland Klinkenberg, Flourish,

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Release Date: 2012 / 09 / 03
Catalog: ARCH093
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Morricone
  2. OnkyDrummer
  3. Siren Dub
  4. FractalTool
  5. Siren Dub (Flourish Venus Signs Remix)
  6. OnkyDrummer (Forteba Remix)

Following his excellent remix of Russian Linesman, Roland Klinkenberg makes a stunning return to Archipel with an EP entitled “Siren Dub. The EP begins with “Morricone” which, in the smoothest and most feeling rich Klinkenberg fashion, swirls with sugary and warm polyrhythmic synths and gracefully structured rhythms. “OnfyDrummer” twists takes the listening on a twirling and elastic journey composed of finely woven subtly acid synth textures and warm, jazzy pads. “Siren Dub” is the crown jewel of the EP with its shimmering, jazzy stabs and precision polyrhythmic forms. It is as eloquently psychedelic in its effect equally as much as it is funk fuelled and dashed with mysterious emotion. Also topping off the EP is the beautifully squelchy and acidic “FractalTool” and two remixes of Siren Dub; one from Jesse Somfay’s Flourish project and one from Hungary’s Forteba. Flourish’s ‘Venus Sings’ remix of Siren Dub expands upon Klinkenberg’s polyrhythmic brilliance and morphs the overall feeling of the original into a kaleidoscopic, euphoria infused experience. Forteba transforms Siren Dub into a dark and sultry experience which blends and blurs many genres into one exceptionally funky aural formation.

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