Speech Defect

Artist: Dualism, Kabale Und Liebe

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Release Date: 2006 / 09 / 15
Catalog: ARCH021
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Suziki Fighter
  2. Audio One
  3. Suzuki Fighter (Kabale Und Liebe's Koala Remix)
  4. Audio One (Ion Ludwig Remix)
  5. Suziki Fighter (Massi DL Napolitan Profiteroles Remix)
  6. Suzuki Fighter (Tractile Remix)

Dualism’s solo Archipel netlabel debut “Speech Defect” is a stunning deep one with mathematical precision. “Audio One” is dancefloor oriented with it’s frothy effects swirling around in a rich warm bath of swaying melodies.

Ion Ludwig’s remix of Audio One strips things down and bends the original into totally new configurations while still keeping things warm and rich. “Suzuki Fighter” is a super heavy round escapade into shrouds of spectral voices and shuddering noise.

Kabale Und Liebe’s “Koala” remix takes the original to a more rhythmically focused level full of dark funk. Massi DL’s “Napolitan Profiteroles” remix strips things down further for a very dark and still funky late night burned out and psyched out affair.

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