Strange Carefully

Artist: Le Cantin

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Release Date: 2006 / 06 / 17
Catalog: ARCH019
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Flat Philosophy
  2. Cellular Parazites
  3. Biocun
  4. Harddrive Calculation
  5. GerĂ¼che [Scents]
  6. Tangent
  7. Where My Head Won't Go
  8. Rusty Rains
  9. Charkol

Le_Cantin is back in full force shrouded in shimmering depth and this time he brings us his first full length net album “Strange Carefully.”

It starts off with the gently swaying and breezy “Flat Philosophy” which is anything but flat with this much depth. “Cellular Parazites” is a snappy late night dancefloor affair spattering with noise which is covered with drifting chords.

“Biocun” is a mesmerizing gooey ocean of psychedelic clarity which transitions into “Harddrive Calculation” and sends you deep into a dusty forest of pure white sunbeams shining through an infinite canopy of fractal trees.

“Geruche Scents” smells fragrantly of evenings walking down busy streets full of class. “Tangent” is a gurgling, boiling mental oscillation of sonic mollases which steams over and leads into “Where My Head Won’t Go” which is surely where all out heads must be at some point in time, drizzled with soft warmth and taking a holidy whilst still remaining aware of your geometric aural surroundings.

“Rusty Rain” takes a stroll through an early morning summer storm but corrodes only in the most beautiful ways imaginable. “Charkol” finishes of the album with the thundering pulse of some mysterious robot’s digital heartbeat.

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