Sublime Subculture

Artist: Vincent Casanova, Alicia Hush


Release Date: 2014 / 05 / 12
Catalog: ARCH106
Formats: Digital
Genres: , , ,
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  1. Vibrance
  2. Lower East Side
  3. Lazy Lazer
  4. King Of Sea
  5. Heights
  6. Golden Burial
  7. Emerald Wind
  8. Emerald Wind (Alicia's Chromium Mix)
  9. Bad Magic
  10. Associonic

Vincent Casanova’s bouncy, stripped-down sound hints at summer. Muted bass notes and pleasant synth lines are accompanied by ethereal vocal samples and dancing rhythms.

A dreamy optimism flows throughout the album, making it cohesive and easy on the ears. Some of the definitive aspects of this release are the engaging grooves, and charming melodies that complement the percussive structure. This latest release shows skill with space and lightness.

As a counterpart to that lightness, ARCH106 features an Alicia remix that demonstrates dexterity with depth. Overall, Casanova’s music is a combination of solid musical arrangement and artistic wit.

Text by Logan Hollow
Artwork by Max Binski
Mastering by Pheek

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