Artist: Vincent Casanova

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Release Date: 2009 / 04 / 20
Catalog: ARCH062
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,

  1. Nibiru Approaches
  2. Using Gravity
  3. See You In Hyperspace
  4. Penetration
  5. Procuring The Female
  6. Interstep
  7. Inserted Memories
  8. Holographic Everything
  9. Element 115
  10. Praying Mantis Abduction

Vincent Casanova makes his return to Archipel with a glowing album entitled “The Hyperspacial Landscape”. It is a solidly constructed collection which ranges from pleasantly melodic to abstract to very deep. “Nibiru Approaches” opens the album with a glistening guitar melody which arches in and out of an intricate downtempo rhythm section which immediately sets the listener up for a wonderful internal expedition via mental caravan. Next is “Using the Gravity” which is one of the deeper pieces on the album with its spacious stylings and delicate subtleties winding in sync around an hypnotic rolling stab while “See You in Hyperspace” continues the delicate intricacy but rises a little higher with a brightly tinted starlight melody. “Penetration” goes downtempo and takes a much headier direction with its constantly evolving and shifting nature where texture reigns supreme while “Procuring the Female” speeds things up again with a touch of warm elastic funk. “Interstep” is an electrically fizzling and texture driven ride through deep hypernova jungles of luminescent gas causing the Geiger counter to go off the charts. “Inserted Memories” is a fuzzy and robotic, funk tinged, ride through pleasingly disintegrated stabs which glow in the distance like red hot ingots of some extraterrestrial metal while “Holographic Everything” brings around the caravan back into heady and very deep territory where it slowly and comfortably burrows through the mind. Closing the album off is “Praying Mantis Abduction” where the listener’s faculties are thoroughly rinsed by a twisting melody and an infinitum of textural evolution.

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